Background report for Community Conservation Fund of Namibia

This document provides the context and justification for the registration and capitalisation of the planned Community Conservation Fund of Namibia (CCFN) and the long-term role it will play in sustainably financing the combined government/civil society extension system required for communal conservancies and community forests.

Background Report for CCFN 12.16.pdf

Introduction to Community Conservation Fund of Namibia - powerpoint presentation

A powerpoint show giving an introduction to the Community Conservation Fund of Namibia which was presented to the 8th General Assembly of the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment by Tapiwa Makiwa.

Introduction to CCFN.ppsx

Community Conservation Fund of Namibia - leaflet

A trifold A4 leaflet outlining the background, rationale, objectives, status, governance and targets of the Community Conservation Fund of Namibia.

CCFN Leaflet.pdf
CCF-Namibia Strategic Plan 2019-2021

CCF-Namibia Strategic Plan 2019-2021

The main purpose of this document is to identify and document the organisations priority objectives during its infancy years and provide a framework in which to direct its efforts and investments to these priority objectives so as to build a strong and stable foundation for the organisation’s future development into a mature organisation and reliable recognised participant in CBNRM activities in Namibia.

In developing this plan, we have:

  • Conducted meetings with Founding members and directors
  • Consulted with various stakeholders in the Conservation space in Namibia
  • Consulted with various similar institution in Africa.

In summary, this document identifies and formally documents CCFN’s overarching priorities for initial years of operation (July 2019 to June 2022) based around its key objectives as outlined in its Articles of Association. These will be pursued along with other operational objectives. The document covers the period 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2021.

Progress will be assessed and monitored annually and the document updated where necessary. At the end of the 3year period, it is believed that the entity should and will be in a different stage of its development and a revised plan and priority areas will be developed.

CCF-Namibia Strategic Plan 2019-2021.pdf

Newsletter- first edition, 3rd quarter

Welcome to the first edition of “Conservation Catch-up with CCFN”, our quarterly newsletter. Through this publication, we will keep you updated on our activities, operations, achievements, as well as challenges and through short stories share our impacts in CBNRM. You can also expect regular updates on the results of our resource mobilization initiatives as we pursue our long-term goal to sustain the future of CBNRM. We trust that each edition will be progressive, informative, and enjoyable. We urge you to visit our website or call us should you require
any additional information.

Conservation Catch- Up with CCFN Sept, 2021.1.1.pdf