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Community Conservation Fund of Namibia

Financially supporting Namibia’s communal conservancies and community forests

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CCFN has developed – and will continue to develop – relevant application criteria, processes, and documents based on the nature of ongoing projects.

The following information is subject to change but gives an indication of key information for the application of current projects. This page will be updated periodically with the relevant application documents.

COVID 19 Emergency Crisis Funding


To provide financial relief to all Communal Conservancies, community forest and like minded entities affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and to aid recovery and resilience of these conservancies from the effects of the pandemic.

Who can apply

Registered communal conservancies, community forests, Joint Venture partners and related natural resource management entities in conservancies who were negatively impacted by the effect of COVID 19 will be considered for support in line with the framework set up by the Joint Conservation Relief, Recovery and Resilience.

Key areas of financing

  • ongoing deployment of game guards, resource monitors, and other locally employed conservancy and tourism staff to ensure continued safeguarding of the wildlife.
  • continuation of anti-poaching activities, human-wildlife conflict monitoring activities, and the offset of human-wildlife payments during the project period.
  • continued carrying out of basic governance and operations of Communal Conservancies during the period.
  • support to Conservancy’s business, including joint venture partners specifically with the continued employment of conservancy members and business continuation in preparation for the post COVID 19 period.
  • support to Field based organisations to continue to assist the beneficiary conservancies as may be approved by the CCFN


Download the Application form for Conservancy Grants.

Application form for JV Grants. Refer to the Resources – Project Guidelines.

Conservancy Legal Support Fund


To provide financial aid to beneficiary communities to meet their legal costs in pursuance of their contract liberties and the realisation of their benefits from contracts related to their rights over their natural resources within the context and regulations of the Namibian CBNRM programme.

Who can apply

Conservancies who have been disadvantaged and/or shortchanged in the undertaking of contractual or other legally recognised arrangements or laws related to conservation activities.

Key areas of financing

  • Basic legal training on business matters.
  • Case assessment and advice.
  • Legal representation at court proceedings aimed at recovery of benefits owed or realisation of related contractual rights.


Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis as per the Fund Guidelines. The CCFN management is assisted by a selected Advisory Panel in assessing each case based on its merits. Affected and interested conservancies should contact the NACSO Business and Enterprise Working Group who will assist the conservancies in applying and accessing this funding and forwarding it to CCFN for consideration.

Poverty Oriented Support to Community Conservation in Namibia Project – Human Wildlife Conflict Component


To contribute to biodiversity conservation and rural development in Namibia’s communal conservancies through the establishment of sustainable human wildlife conflict management systems.

Who can apply

43 identified registered communal conservancies who have the largest recorded incidents are most negatively impacted by HWC will be qualify for support from the Project. Kyaramacan Association in Bwabwata National Park is also included.

Support towards HWCMA Planning

CCFN will assist identified conservancy to develop medium term Landscape Visions and Conservancy level Human Wildlife Conflict Management Plans (HWCMAP) as per the approved National template through a consultative process with its community members.

Call for grant applications

Furthermore, CCFN will invite affected landscapes and/or conservancies to submit grant applications at least 3 times (or more) during the project tenure so as to access funding for the implementation of the prioritised measures to combat issues challenges related to key problem causing animals. Such measures shall be a key first term in implementing the medium term HWCMAP developed under the project in an attempt to reduce and contain conflict. Interventions eligible for grant funding amongst others include:

  • Waterpoint infrastructure development
  • Predator-proof kraals
  • Early warning systems (lion)
  • Extension service projects e.g. Lion Ranger projects
  • Sustainable rangeland management systems
  • Other innovative measure as may be directed by the outcomes of the above stated action plans and within the outlines of the National policies.

The Grant Manual relevant to this project can be found under Resources – Project Guidelines.

CBNRM CCS Endowment Fund

Once fully capitalised the funding will be utilised to fund a suite of critical support services required from the day to day operations of conservancies based on pre-agreed rates based on an annual sectoral workplan. CCFN management will be assisted by an inclusive collaborative Advisory Panel comprising of communities, civic society, government and others to assess the priority funding needs based on the key compliance and natural resource management criteria set within Namibia’s conservancy regulations.

CCFN through it independent Board will be responsible for the for the financial management and grant management and the monitoring of service providers and evaluation of their results in order to ensure the set fund objectives are met for all disbursements. CCFN through its Investment Committee will also ensure that the underlying investment is managed sustainably for the long term benefit of the CBNRM programme as a whole.

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